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Margarita Politis

There is something about Margarita.

What is Margarita Politis on? Eyes that shine like diamonds, a bright, wide smile powered by high- voltage personality…. whatever it is we could all use some. Around Margarita everything seems possible, life just has a little more sparkle and you can’t help but be infected by her enthusiasm.

So what does Margarita do, aside from being fabulous? Margarita changes lives, one wardrobe at a time. Her journey to super Style Coach has been an interesting one. She graduated from fashion school, but spent the next 20 years in the corporate world, before becoming a mother to two gorgeous girls.

Having found her fit she is uniquely placed to help other people find theirs. Helping people reach their potential is the most satisfying part of Margarita’s work.

Margarita will rejuvenate your style, but more importantly she’ll empower you to rejuvenate yourself. Looking amazing is just the beginning of a profound transformation. You’ll also feel amazing and have the confidence to be yourself, which is the mark of true beauty.

How amazing do you want to feel?

Margarita is wondering what are you waiting for.

Margarita is a master trainer for the Style Coaching Institute®

Holds a Dip. in Style Coaching and holds a Dip. in Autogenics.


Margarita Politis
Principal, Creative Director

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