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As a middle age man seeking to update my website image, I was guided to Margarita Politis. She encouraged me to consider what message I wanted to convey through my look.
I heard her message on the power of first impressions. I decided I was worth the risk and chose to grow beyond my current space
Not afraid to get my hands dirty and always eager to help others with physical labour, I was very apprehensive. Margarita picked this up instantly on our shopping trip and made a very apprehensive time very enjoyable as I discovered the real me. She chose the shop, which suited me, prior ,very well, and I achieved very quickly what I was after, though I didn’t know it at the time. We discussed the shape in clothing that would flatter me, and I have to say, I feel and look amazing.
Next came the hair stylist, which Margarita booked and took care of. What a dramatic change. My image was updated, and more importantly I realized just how far I had fallen from where I had been years before.

The photographer was a true professional in every sense of the word. He skillfully broke down my self-imposed barriers. As we conversed through the session, he captured who I truly am. And I learned more about myself in the process.
Becoming aware of your inner self is empowering! I encourage YOU to enjoy the experience.

T. Rose
Auckland, New Zealand

Margarita, I really have to thank you first and foremost. As you know, Amber has struggled a lot of late with a number of self-confidence issues and had become introverted.  The power and self-confidence she has gained is nothing short of incredible.  The following week saw Amber get up, and work through clothes she loved, and head out with her friends. You have raised the overall consciousness of etiquette, certainly for Amber and now our household. What you offer is PRICELESS.  I would have pay twice that for her to do learn what she did.

Dorothy – St Heliers
Auckland, New Zealand

I have been using Margaritas expertise for around a year now.  Feeling flat, and having gone through a divorce, I felt like I need a fresh appearance.

Margarita updated my colour range of clothing for both corporate and casual attire.

I had become very unhappy within myself and my job.  I was not satisfied and hence my body started to break down.  I was taking on cortisone injections into my shoulders to relieve the stress, I was unable to sleep, and really felt like I had hit rock bottom.  The doctors sent me to specialist who could find nothing wrong.

After my consultation with Margarita she felt that perhaps my nervous system was crashing and coached me on Autogenics.  She also suggested a number of other natural aids, and within two weeks of starting the Autogenic training,  I have no pain at all in my shoulders.  I feel more at peace now than I have for years, and I am now able to laugh again.  I am go thankful Margarita come into my life, I feel she really has saved my life.

Auckland, New Zealand

I definitely guarantee that you will gain something useful to your future from this course – I enjoyed meeting lots of nice people and I particularly appreciated how genuine Margarita is and how she was always there to help – Isabella 13 yrs

Auckland - New Zealand

Dear Margarita

Thank you so much for coming into see us at the St Heliers Library and delivering an inspiring workshop.


Kind regards



Hilary- St Heliers Library
Auckland - New Zealand

Dear Margarita

We just wanted to say thank you for an amazing week. We learnt so much that will help us in the future.

You have done a great job at organising this course and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you.

Jennifer and Rachel
Auckland - New Zealand

I have had the good fortune to have had Margarita Politis’s professional style advice over the last few years.

Most importantly, she has taken me out of fashion and colour comfort zones I didn’t know that I had. Margarita has equipped me with the best colours for my skin tone, the cut, colour and style of my hair, to the shape of the clothes and the accessories that I now wear. This has been invaluable, you only live once!

Margarita has such obvious passion with her expertise. She listens.  She steps into her client’s comfort zones with them, to then walk in the same shoes and guide them.  She genuinely wants you to be comfortable and feel and look amazing.  And she actually cares that it’s going to make a difference in your life.

I  absolutely recommend Margarita Politis International Style Coach to fine tune, change or improve your image and style.


Nicola W
Auckland - New Zealand

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